Business Consultancy

At SmartCats we have a tried and tested approach to helping organisations perform more effectively. A pyramid requires solid foundations and making good decisions is no different. The base layer of our pyramid involves capturing all of the required information – usually through interviewing members of the team. The next stage is to present the information in a way that illustrates clearly the issues facing the organisation. Only then can we start to discuss possible solutions and, finally, consider making decisions. We need to understand your organisation better to help do this and, in our experience, this is always time well spent on both sides since it often teases out critical issues that organisations either take from granted or would prefer not to consider as they are deemed to be in the 'too difficult' pile.

Areas which might typically be considered include...

Is there something specific holding your organisation back?

Once we know your organisation's strategy and vision, it is often helpful to understand how effectively the Board and the senior management team are working together to deliver these. Does the strategy and vision drip down to the grass roots level of the organisation? Often we have to help the Board and senior management put in place information gathering and reporting processes in order to being tackling their issues. For most organisations the strategy is not articulated concisely or frequently enough for the average employee to understand it. Our diagnostics and reporting can give your organisation an independent perspective.

What do you need for things to run more smoothly?

Running an organisation is a complicated business requiring skills across a wide range of areas. We aim to identify where you might be performing sub-optimally. This would include looking at understanding how risk/performance is captured, monitored and reported. We would also consider if the current structures or processes are blocking delivery of your strategy. How well do teams work and interact in your organisation and are incentives structured in such a way to encourage positive behaviours?

How do we unleash the talent in the business to deliver great results?

We have worked with many organisations over the years and, with rare exceptions, find that the best solutions are generally found from within your own organisation. We acknowledge that you are experts in your own market and your team is better placed to identify opportunities. We bring those skills together with practical solutions to your problems to create confidence in your people and solid, sustainable foundations for long term success.


Our recent work includes: