Risk Management

We provide risk management services and our unique web-based risk model, the SmartRisks Filter, through our SmartRisks business. Please visit SmartRisks to learn about our approach in details and to see our risk model.

Our philosophy, above all else, is to use risk management to drive better business decisions and consequently improved financial results. This includes:

When risk management is done well it doesn't have to hold back the business, quite the reverse in fact.

To help our clients manage risk effectively we have developed a unique web-based risk model – the SmartRisks Filter. It provides our clients with a framework to aid Board reporting and to enable proper dialogue on the changing nature of risks across an organisation. As we all know, dogs are for life not just for Christmas. Risk management is exactly the same – it can't be properly dealt with by a tick box exercise. Our ambition is to leave your organisation with a risk framework firmly embedded in its culture. And SmartRisks can help you achieve that because our team has first hand experience of dealing with similar sorts of issues at Board level.

We will bring risk management to life for your Board and senior management through workshops, based on around examples relevant to your business, to facilitate appropriate ways to consider risk.

The Finance Director of our first client to use the SmartRisks Filter said recently, "I honestly don't know how we managed without the SmartRisks Filter. Now I can share a short report with the Board at each meeting making it absolutely clear whether there have been any significant changes since last time and which also allows them to drill down into as much or as little detail as they wish."